Body Camera Footage Released, Officer Identified In Police-Involved Shooting Of Kevin Mason

They also released the name of the officer involved in the shooting: John Johnson, a 25-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department.

During a press conference Wednesday, police first played a 911 call from Sunday at 11:35 p.m. In it you hear a woman tell a dispatch operator that “he beat me up, he choke me in the house.”

This is body camera video of the initial encounter between BPD and Kevin Mason in the front of his home. He was shot in the back of his house later on @wjz

Next police showed the body-worn camera footage of officers arriving at the home in the 4900 block of Pembridge Avenue around 11:49 p.m. An officer knocked on the door and when a man opens the door, you hear a dog aggressively barking and officers asking him to get the dog away from the door.

Then in another 911 call Mason made to police at 11:53 p.m., you heard him say, “you know what? you need to tell these police to get the f— out my f—–g door.”

“I’m gonna come out there, I’m gonna blast their a–,” Mason said on the call. “I’m gonna kill every last one of them mother f——s!”

Then in another body-worn camera video around 11:56 p.m. you can see officers trying to arrest Mason. He came out of of the back door of his home.

Commissioner identified officer who fired 2 shots at Kevin Mason as John Johnson, a 25-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department @wjz

Mason continued to yell at the officers and at this point officers see him pointing an object, they believe is a gun, at them.

Officers approach the back of Mason’s home, when all of a sudden you hear an officer yell, “come out with your hands up, you’re under arrest.”

Commissioner Michael Harrison said that he spoke to Mason’s sister and gave her a heads up they would release the body-worn camera footage.

Harrison described the conversation as “pleasant.” Just two days ago, Mason’s sister was demanding answers after the shooting.

He said officers knew they were heading into a volatile situation and escalated once officers arrived on scene.

Police have drafted a policy regarding the release of body-worn camera footage. It is being reviewed by the Department of Justice.

Post time: Mar-29-2019
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