Body cameras show APD officers’ performances in the field

Without losing their cool, officers with the Aberdeen Police Department were able to safely take an emotionally disturbed man into custody even though the situation could have easily turned deadly.

Chief Dave McNeil played the video as part of the presentation of the department’s annual report.

An officer’s body camera recorded the video. McNeil said the cameras have proven to be a valuable tool that allow officers to review their performance in the field.

“Dealing with people that are in mental crisis or in conflict — we put a lot of emphasis on talking to people and deescalating,” McNeil said before playing the footage. “In this particular situation, there’s an emotionally disturbed person who wanted to hurt his family on a given day. He couldn’t find his family members so he drove to the police department on his bicycle, we believe to confront law enforcement. A member of the Aberdeen Police Department noticed this person sitting on a curb with his bicycle tipped over and a hammer in his hand.”

The video shows two officers calmly asking the man if he was OK, reiterating that they only wanted to know what was going on. At one point the man threw the hammer at the officers, but they continued to talk with the man.

Post time: Jul-03-2019
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