Body cameras worn by transport officers on SA trains


Safety on SA public transport has been given a boost with the government revealing it will introduce body worn cameras for inspectors on trains and trams.Authorities say a trial has already delivered improvements and it will use the devices to take trouble makers to court.The Government announcing that body cameras will be rolled out across our train and tram network.

“Too often you’ll see violence bad behaviour on our trains,” Transport Minister Stephan Knoll told 9News.

Similar to the cameras used by police, the devices will capture passengers every move. The cameras can record for an entire eight hour shift and take high quality video evidence vital for prosecutions.“My advice to the morons out there who are going to be violent on our trains is you are going to be caught,” Mr Knoll said.The roll out of 69 new devices is welcomed by commuters, who hope it will deter attacks against inspectors and improve behaviour overall.“I’ve seen lots of fights, aggressive drunk people,” Commuter, Cameron Higgins said.“It’s a good idea, if the people know it’s there they’ll abide by it won’t they?” Daryl Reynolds said.

A trial of the cameras has been operating since April last year and officers have reported an improvement in behaviour when people realise they are being recorded.“This is a great step forward for safety rights across the board in our community,” Mr Knoll said.Body cameras will also be worn by Marine Safety officers and passenger transport personnel who monitor truck drivers and Adelaide’s taxi and ride-share networks.

Post time: Aug-08-2019
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