Body-worn cameras linked to substantially reduced public complaints and use of force


In Rialto, a small city outside of Los Angeles, the police department outfitted all 70 of their uniformed officers with body-worn cameras, theorizing that use of the cameras would reduce complaints and lawsuits, and thus expensive settlements and payouts.

The introduction of body-worn cameras as standard equipment in 2012 lead to an 88% reduction in public complaints against officers, and a 60% decline in officers’ use of force. It’s had to deny that these cameras are beneficial. People act differently when they know they are being recording, and altercations are much less likely to get out of control.

Showing citizen interactions from the officer perspective to the community at large, has resulted in a reduced rate of public complaints and increased prosecution of domestic violence cases. Body-worn cameras are a net positive in law enforcement.   

Post time: Jun-05-2019
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