City Human Resources cops will get body cameras later this year, commissioner says

Peace officers working for the city Human Resources Administration will be required to wear body cameras before the end of the year, the Daily News has learned.

The disclosure, contained in an email obtained by The News, was sent Wednesday by HRA Commissioner Steven Banks to city employees, and comes nine months after HRA officers and city cops pulled an infant boy from the arms of his screaming mother, Jazmine Headley, at a Brooklyn welfare office.

Banks sent out the email to specifically address a story in The News about an ex-con caught with a gun, 50 bullets and a clown mask at a Brooklyn HRA office.

“As part of our on-going reforms for the agency, we have worked to ensure that client service locations, in particular the client waiting areas, continue to be welcoming and safe environments at all times,” he wrote in the Aug. 28 email. “Providing our Peace Officers with additional tools, including retraining earlier this year and body-worn cameras later this year, is part of this effort to keep everyone safe.”

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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