Diamante Release a New Product—Alcoholtester

Diamante Technology launched a new product lately, which is an alcoholtester using by traffic officer. The alcoholtester is equipped with many functions, it can meet many requirements for user.

It is a rapid breath alcoholtester for quick testing with following features:

1. One button replay test result.

2. No need to preheat, quick check, avoid congestion.

3. Voice Announcement + Flashing Lights + Vibration Handle Multi alarms

4. Baton + Flash light + electronic whistle + Alcohol tester Multi functions

Alcoholtester adopts advanced fuel cell sensor, more reliable and more precision. Streamline type and equip a screen that convenient to operation. Support all kind of alarm mode, such as vibration, flashing lights and voice announcement. Working time as long as 12 hours, and it only takes 4 hours to recharge.

Diamante is an innovative company with dedicated team to invent new product. We not only specialized in body worn camera but also other related product. You are always welcome for inquiries. Of course, we will appreciate your advice too.


Post time: Sep-17-2019
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