IMPD is testing body cameras again. This time the community will weigh in.

When the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police first tested the use of body-worn cameras almost five years ago, a few key factors hindered the program’s success.  The technology was not as advanced at the time, the sample size was small, and the department’s approach was insufficient.

“In 2014, it was a small pilot program,” IMPD Chief Bryan Roach said at a news conference with Mayor on Monday. “We looked at it like we were buying a car or just another tool for the police department. We weren’t ready tech-wise.”

The department is now launching a second, larger pilot of body-worn camera technology that is expected to better indicate whether the full implementation of the program could be a possibility in the near future.


And unlike the first pilot program, this one will include input from the community. “A comprehensive pilot of body-worn cameras will give our community a unique opportunity to make a collective decision around what other cities have seen as a solution that helps build trust and legitimacy,” Roach said.


Post time: May-13-2019
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