Teachers To Start Wearing Body Cameras To Record Pupils’ Bad Behavior

Teachers in UK schools are trialling the use of body cameras in class to record bad pupils’ behaviour, it has been revealed.

At least two schools in England have introduced the equipment for constant recording with the consent of local education authorities.

The cameras, worn on teachers’ clothing, are set to film all the time but only save encrypted footage when the record button is pressed, The Times reported.


Teachers are advised to turn on the cameras during incidents in the classroom to tackle “constant low-level disruption”, but must give notice before doing so.

The technology is already used by police, parking wardens and some hospital staff as well as crossing-patrol officers.

Footage could also be shared with parents to involve them in addressing their children’s behaviour.

Feedback from parents and schools was said to be positive, with teachers praising them as an effective deterrent.

A survey published on Wednesday questioning teachers on the idea found more than a third would be willing to wear a body camera in the classroom, with many wanting the technology available to help combat bad behaviour from pupils.

Over one in 10 believe the time will come when bodycams will be mandatory in UK schools, the Times Education Supplement (TES) poll found.

Of the 37.7 percent who said they were in favour, some 31.6 percent said they were motivated by teacher and student safety.

Among those who were not willing to use the technology, reasons included concerns about their own privacy and that of the children, as well as feeling spied on, or the potential for misuse by management.

Around two-thirds of the teachers polled – more than 600 in total – said they would feel safer in the classroom if they knew there was a camera recording everything, while 10.9 percent said they could foresee a time when bodycams are compulsory.

Mary Bousted, general secretary at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said the union did not support the use of surveillance technology to monitor children and staff.

“All schools should be safe places for pupils and staff,” she said.
A Department for Education spokeswoman said the trial is “a matter for the schools”.

Post time: Mar-21-2019
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